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I am thrilled to offer another ongoing/year round regular Zumba class
right next door to my house @ the beautiful, newly opened
Body Strong Fitness/Orleans 21 Old Colony Way behind Staples (the OLD Willy's GyM)
8AM-9AM every Sunday class cards accepted
Check calendar for cancellations/updates


$60/10 classes (buy a class card, expires in 6 months, can be used in Truro/Wellfleet and at Body Strong)
$40/5 classes
$10/drop in
**seated classes and Gold class priced separately** call for details

  • See You on the Dance Floor!

  • Salsa Night!

  • Line Dancing!

Class Schedule

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Class Descriptions

  • Zumba
  • Salsa
  • Line Dancing
  • Group & Private Lessons

Zumba: Using Latin, world, and popular music, Zumba is an exercise class that will be unlike any other you have tried. Learn new choreography and express your “inner dancer” while you sweat away calories and stress.

Zumba Gold: A modified version of Regular Zumba for the older, active adult, or anyone who needs a lower impact/paced class.

Seated Zumba: Done in a chair, for anyone who needs to be seated while exercising. Uses the same music and moves modified for a chair.


Kids Zumba: A version specially created for kids with age appropriate music and movements that kids love. Please also see info on Zumba parties for kids.

Zumbathon: A charity event which is often run like an extended/longer class, sometimes 2-3 hours, often with multiple instructors leading the routines. May be used to raise money for any worthy cause.

Salsa dancing has long been a passion of mine.

I am self taught and therefore, come at the subject with a lot of insight into how to make this dance form your own, as opposed to emulating other people, or styles. I have begun teaching Salsa Nights in a format that allows for learning AND practicing and meeting others who are also learning and practicing, so that everyone feels comfortable and has fun in the process.

Partner’s dance is so different from Zumba or Line Dancing and can be a fantastic way to express yourself and have a blast while still getting a great work out!

A typical Salsa Night will start with lots of instruction and demonstration and practice of the basic salsa step and then move on to holds, turns and sequences, all to be pursued at your own pace.

My end goal is to instruct and inspire a whole cadre of salsa dancers and create more places we can all dance!


This is partners dancing done in a ballroom style. No partner is needed to come to class, but you will be partnered up and learn how to either lead or follow. Turns and patterns will be introduced once the basic step is learned.

Using a variety of music, including soul and pop, but NOT country, this is a low impact, repeating pattern that is done in a group. Emphasis is less on exercise and more on FUN and learning a group dance.

Line Dancing is done as a group and we will cover one song per session. No partner or previous experience necessary.

Julie is available for Private Zumba Lessons, Kid’s Birthday Parties, Salsa Dance Instruction and is interested in more Line Dancing Classes, Salsa Classes, and Chair Zumba as facilities become available.

Why I Zumba?

Reasons why I do Zumba...No matter how hectic life is, Zumba is one thing I do for me! Zumba doesn't feel like exercise, it's fun! I love my Zumba girls!
#lovemyzumbagirls Andrea

The best workout I have ever done.
I sweat out the bad, dance in the good. Awesome.
#iamrenewed Deb

I do Zumba because … when I dance I feel so ALIVE and know at that moment, everything I want is POSSIBLE.
#feelsoalive Jackie

I do Zumba because:I always leave class happy, It brings me constant joy, I love to move it, move it and my teacher Julie is outstanding!.
#constantjoy Nina

  • Julie is inspiring, magical, lovely . She makes hard work fun! She makes my day! I always leave feeling I have done myself a big favor by going. She has done us all a huge favor with her positive, wonderful energy. Don’t just sit!
  • She gets out there and starts whaling on that floor at 9 a.m. sharp, and shakes everything for an hour straight, no break between songs. What makes her classes the best ever is her ability to get up there and joyfully throw herself into the music. She has the style, rhythm, and presence to inspire even couch potatoes like me.
  • Julie Rich put in a Zumba party for our 12 year old that was so much fun for kids (and adults alike!). It was movement, it was joy, it was music. Definitely one of the best kid parties we've ever been to. A total 10! Warner and Patty Larkin
  • You know it was a great Saturday class when your thighs are still feeling it on Monday.
  • Julie is the best, awe inspiring Zumba teacher.
  • Julie offers the best variety in music and choreography I’ve experienced in any of my Zumba classes. She gives great hand signals so you can be prepared for the next move. It’s a great workout, and never boring.
  • A full hour of nonstop fun movement.
  • Confessions of a true addict. My first class I walked in not knowing what to expect. It must have been written all over my face because someone came up to me and said "try it you'll love it. Leave your inhibitions at the door and have fun" She was so right. Julies love for rhythm and dance makes for an awesome workout. Can't wait to do it again. Lastly, may we all learn to shake, rattle and roll like no one is watching. How does she do that? C U on the DF.
  • I am addicted to Julie’s zumba classes. Not only have I lost weight and gotten stronger, I get to start my day dancing to great music with terrific people. What’s better than that?
  • Julie is a natural dancer. She has fun up there and that makes it fun for us too.